With cheap flights around the EU, people tend to spend their long weekends abroad. This is a shame, when there is so much to experiene in our own backyards. So we came up with a campaign based around a voucher that gives people free nights of accommodation in Airbnb cold zones (areas with less bookings). A win-win for guests and hosts alike.  

The campaign films ran on cinemas and in social we gave a platform to the hosts from the selected destinations to present themselves and their offering. 
Role: Art Director
Agency: W+K
Client: Airbnb
Year: 2019

Below, a selection of the social films feat. the destinations and the hosts.
We made 12 in total, introducing less familar places around the UK and France. 

Above: Pinterest ads.

Left: Radio ads that ran during the lead up to the “First Night On Us.” campaign.


Berlin, DE.